disability-friendly school, Phoenix, ArizonaWhile most universities offer services and programs for students with disabilities, there are many important factors to consider when searching for a disability-friendly school.

Do you need to look into housing options that are wheelchair accessible? How about disability assistance programs that work to improve the campus life of students with disabilities? Or are you an athlete who’s hoping to join an adaptive sports program?

In Phoenix, Arizona State University offers many programs to facilitate the needs of people with disabilities. However, schools around the country offer differing programs and services geared toward people with disabilities. Some of the most important aspects to consider when choosing a disability-friendly school are tutoring programs, programs for veterans, the availability of a disability resource office, support and attendant services, electronic media access, career counseling and access to athletic facilities.

While it’s necessary to make sure that any disability-friendly school or university offers the services that you require, it’s also important to consider the disability-friendliness of the community. Prospective students should check into the medical and mental health community in the area, while also looking to see if these services are offered on campus. When researching prospective schools and universities, also find out if the facility employs people with disabilities and ask them about their experiences.

In most communities, wheelchair-accessible housing can be found on or off campus. Apartment buildings near schools and universities have become more disability-friendly over the years, so prospective students should be very selective in making sure that any new housing situation is going to be one that works out in the long-term.

A reputable disability-friendly school will also offer comprehensive services that include adaptive equipment, recreation programs that are adaptable to people with disabilities and any alternative testing formats, as well as electronic access to libraries and other essential study materials.

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