fitness for aging wheelchair users, Phoenix, ArizonaIf you are elderly and wheelchair-bound, you do not have to settle for a sedentary life. Staying active, healthy and fit through exercise has a number of benefits.

Fitness for aging wheelchair users tends to result in:

  • Lower body fat, higher self-esteem and less chance of developing diabetes
  • More muscle strength and stamina
  • Better circulation and breathing
  • Better immune system function
  • Less chance of developing pressure sores and urinary tract infections

Through flexibility and resistance exercises, strength training and endurance movements, chair-bound seniors can reap the physical, mental and emotional rewards of exercise. If being chair-bound has been discouraging you from attempting to exercise in the past, take heart – all that’s required to achieve physical fitness is an appropriate routine that includes the following types of exercises:

  • Flexibility training: Combining slow stretching, bending and twisting motions helps you limber up, while improving your range of motion. These exercises can be accomplished from your wheelchair or while lying down. Chair-yoga classes are a good option.
  • Endurance movements: There are many pool-therapy programs in Arizona specifically designed for senior wheelchair users. There are also training machines adaptable for people who are wheelchair-bound that make arm bicycling and rowing possible. Repetitive movement exercises such as sitting push-ups and leg lifts will also help you raise your heart rate.
  • Strength training: Light, repetitive sets of lifting exercises using dumbbells or free weights. If you do not have specialized weights, try using soup cans or water bottles.
  • Resistance exercises: Resistance bands are designed to exercise your muscles through stretching and pulling. Shaped like large rubber bands, they attach to a doorknob, any sturdy piece of furniture or even your wheelchair.

Check with your doctor or physical therapist for recommendations of exercise programs specifically designed to address fitness for aging wheelchair users.

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