modifying your home for wheelchair accessibility, Phoenix, ArizonaAre you considering modifying your home for wheelchair accessibility to prevent injuries and enhance your sense of well-being?

Keeping your home safe is a critical issue, especially for those using wheelchairs. In particular, there are a number of areas in the bathroom that you can change. For everyone, having a secure, comfortable bathroom is reassuring. If you use a wheelchair, this may become even more important.

Here are some specific bathroom accessibility issues to consider:

  • Doors may very well be too narrow for wheelchair access. You need a minimum 32-inch-wide door to go in straight and 36 inches to turn into the bathroom. Instead of investing in widening the door, an expandable access door hinge could work if you only need a few inches of additional space.
  • Bathtubs can pose a real hazard for wheelchair users, especially during transfer, so safety here is paramount. Grab bars offer stability and support. Tub transfer seats allow the person to bathe without having to lower all the way to the tub’s floor.
  • Consider changing to a shower when modifying your home for wheelchair accessibility to avoid maneuvering over the high bathtub walls. Some showers come with built-in shower seats. Having a shower with a curb to prevent water spills is a great choice but may not always be possible. Another idea is a roll-in shower. These are harder to install and use than the curb style. They may also pose a difficulty due to bathroom size limitations. Custom-built or prefabricated roll-in shower floors offer two more bathing options.
  • Toilets may need to be replaced when you are modifying your home for wheelchair accessibility, along with installing toilet grab bars for extra comfort and security.
  • Wall mounted lavatories provide the best option for sinks as they allow the wheelchair to easily and safely slide underneath. Single lever control faucets with anti-scald features offer a practical solution for washing.
  • Install Wheelchair Access Ramps anywhere that is needed or helpful.

These changes may sound expensive. Veterans may be able to receive assistance through home modification grants.

If you plan on modifying your home for wheelchair accessibility or have other questions, please contact the experts at Power Mobility & Lifts. We’re happy to help those throughout the greater Phoenix area.