We are COVID-19 Compliant
We offer contactless service, repairs, and payments

Assisted Living In-Service… Free Inspections & Adjustments!

Complimentary Assisted Living/Independent Care Facility service days

Benefits of being a service partner

Part of exceptional service is working with great partners that are dependable and trustworthy, the ability to get things done efficiently.

You increase the confidence of your clients and their families when you have great partners working with you, we would love to be part of that with our excellent customer service, extensive knowledge, and reliability in the mobility industry.

You can trust that your clients will be happy with our 20 plus years in the industry. We treat you and your clients like family!

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If you have an emergency or urgent need, PLEASE CALL US 480-471-8592

Yes, all of your residents will get these benefits!

  • Discount on parts
  • Priority appointments
  • Save residents money
  • Discount on labor
  • Priority emergency repairs
  • Keep residents safe
  • Discount on new purchases
  • Priority delivery
  • Extend the life of their mobility items
Golden Power Lift Recliner

What are “Service Days”?

It is a scheduled day every 8 weeks where we come in and do free inspections and adjustments of mobility aids, the most common things we do are.

COVID-19 protocols are followed and can be contactless and contactless payment as well.

  • Check Batteries
  • Brake adjustments
  • Seat adjustments
  • Explain usage & care
  • Check chargers
  • Walker height adjustments
  • Arm width adjustments
  • Teach proper charging
  • Tighten nuts and bolts
  • Wheels & bearing inspections
  • Check tire pressure
  • Clean/oil when needed

How does this benefit your client?

We see a lot of walkers/rollators that are dangerous because the brakes need adjusting.

We catch loose nuts or bolts that can cause complete failure or loss of use for extended periods of time. Just tightening these up prevents the need to pay for a rental while repairs are made if the issue isn’t taken care of.

We can watch for items that are bad or that might be going bad and allow this to be taken care of while the item is still under factory warranty. This saves time and money for your facility and the client by preventing emergencies and expensive repairs after the warranty expires.

Feel free to call us anytime!