power scooter battery care, Phoenix, ArizonaNothing is more vital to a power scooter than the battery. Though it will have an inevitable life cycle, battery life can differ greatly, depending on the depth of charge, storage temperature, frequency of use, and frequency and length of charge time. On average, a battery should last about two years; however, that time frame can decrease or lengthen depending on care and maintenance.

Caring for the battery
The best care you can give to your batteries is regular and thorough cleaning. Here’s what you can do:

  • Wipe your battery down with a damp cloth.
  • Make sure you pay particular attention to the terminals during cleaning.
  • Keep the terminals greased to allow smooth hookup or removal of the connections.

Caring for terminals is paramount, because corroded terminals can cause loose connections and affect the performance of your battery. And ensuring that the connections to battery terminals are always tight and not obstructed will boost battery life. Extreme temperatures can also negatively impact your battery’s performance, so keep it away from direct sunlight or extreme cold.

Charge your battery correctly
Power scooter batteries require regular charging, for longer durations of time. It is advisable to charge the battery after every trip. Before every journey, make sure your battery is fully charge — no matter the distance you want to cover. Normally, the first charging of the battery should last 24 hours, while subsequent chargings should take a full 8 hours following every day’s use. Follow the recommendations of the manufacturer that are printed on the battery or in the package insert.

Problems can occur if you don’t follow good charging practices. For instance if you constantly undercharge the battery, its useful life span will shorten significantly. Moreover, leaving the battery uncharged for longer periods of time, even if you are not using your power scooter, can cause irremediable damage. On the other hand, it is not advisable to leave the battery permanently on charge when you don’t use your power scooter every day. The battery should be charged once every fortnight for durations of 8 to 12 hours if the battery is not used for a period of time.

Take good care of your battery and extend its life with proper charging practices. For more expert advice on this topic, or any other topic related to mobility and lifts, contact Power Mobility & Lifts in the greater Phoenix area.