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Travel Mobility Scooters in Phoenix, Arizona

Maintaining Your Mobility Scooter: 6 Simple Tips

When purchasing a mobility scooter, one is making a significant investment. As with any piece of machinery, both use and environmental conditions can wreak havoc on the precisely machined parts that make up mobility scooters. Maintaining a mobility scooter is similar keeping one’s car in good running condition and involves preventing issues that can render […]

wheelchair maintenance, Phoenix, Arizona

Wheelchair Maintenance: Don’t Overlook The Cushion

If you’ve used a wheelchair for a while, you know that regular maintenance is essential. You may troubleshoot your chair yourself between service inspections, or you may rely entirely on your service technician. However you ensure that your wheelchair is in top shape, the cushion is sometimes a part that gets overlooked.

wheelchair lift options, Phoenix, Arizona

Inside And Outside Wheelchair Lifts: The Pros And Cons Of Each

Getting around the Sun Valley these days can be a little challenging due to traffic and construction issues, but for wheelchair-dependent drivers and passengers, getting in and out of your vehicle has never been easier. Wheelchair lifts are now quite advanced in terms of design, dependability and convenience, along with a range of operational choices […]

troubleshooting your scooter, Phoenix, Arizona

Troubleshooting Your Power Wheelchair or Scooter

If your power wheelchair or mobility scooter is acting up or just won’t start, you need to remedy the problem quickly. Although you might be tempted to call the repairman right away, many common power chair problems have simple solutions. You can do some easy troubleshooting yourself. If your power scooter won’t start: Make sure the […]

wheelchair safety, Power Mobility

Wheelchair Safety: Follow These Tips For Smooth Transfers

Part of being a wheelchair user is learning how to make smooth transfers part of your daily routine. While you may be able to manage some of these transfers yourself, it’s likely that you will also need the assistance of a caregiver or family member. Both situations require that you and your assistant become familiar […]