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Bariatric Scooters For Sale In Phoenix, Arizona

Comparing Top Heavy Duty Scooter Models

Heavy Duty Mobility Scooters Heavy Duty Mobility Scooters typically have a weight capacity of up to 550 lbs–making them capable of accommodating nearly all users. The heavy duty models typically house bigger motors, larger tires and more durable frames. Heavy duty mobility scooters are capable of helping the user traverse over difficult terrain one may […]

Full Size Mobility Scooter For Sale In Phoenix, Arizona

Comparing Top Standard Scooter Models

Our Top 3 Standard Mobility Scooters At Power Lift & Mobility we offer an all encompassing selection of electric mobility scooters available for purchase in the Phoenix-Scottsdale Arizona region. The standard full-sized scooter is a go-to option for the average size user and industry leading brands like Pride Mobility, Merits and Golden Technologies have plenty […]

Where To Buy Mobility Scooters Near Phoenix, AZ

Comparing Top Portable Travel Scooter Models

Power Mobility & Lifts is the Premiere Travel Scooter Provider in Phoenix Here at Power Mobility & Lifts, we pride ourselves on providing customers in the Phoenix, Arizona area with the best quality mobility solutions at affordable rates. You deserve variety and a knowledgeable staff to help you select the right mobility scooter for your […]

mobility scooter batteries, Phoenix, Arizona

Maintaining Your Mobility Scooter Batteries

The freedom and accessibility a mobility scooter provides is completely dependent upon its battery. Properly and regularly maintaining this critical component is essential to ensure not only that the scooter will operate at the speed desired, but also will be able to maintain that desired speed over an extended period of time or distance.

power scooter battery care, Phoenix, Arizona

Making Sure Your Power Scooter Battery Works Every Time You Need It

For those who have difficulty getting around, a power scooter can be a real life saver, making it possible to shop at stores, catch the sights at a park or simply take a breather outside. But as with any other piece of machinery, a power scooter needs routine care and maintenance. Although serious work is […]

mobility issues related to COPD, Phoenix, Arizona

Mobility Issues Related To COPD: Talk To Your Doctor About Tools For Mobility

COPD doesn’t just affect the ability to breath; it also affects energy levels. When you experience shortness of breath, you also have a lack of energy, which can lead to mobility issues related to COPD.