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preventing falls as you age, Phoenix, Arizona

Preventing Falls as You Age: Equipment and Devices That Make Life Safer and Easier

As we get older, it’s important that we make life safer and easier. A top concern among seniors is preventing accidents. Preventing falls as you age can sometimes be challenging, particularly if seniors aren’t aware of the types of products that are available to assist them. Using assistive devices appropriately can help to prevent harmful […]

mobility issues related to COPD, Phoenix, Arizona

Mobility Issues Related To COPD: Talk To Your Doctor About Tools For Mobility

COPD doesn’t just affect the ability to breath; it also affects energy levels. When you experience shortness of breath, you also have a lack of energy, which can lead to mobility issues related to COPD. 

maintaining your rolling or standard walker, Phoenix, Arizona

Maintaining Your Rolling Or Standard Walker For Optimal Safety

If you’re in need of a walker, your basic options are rolling and standard. Your doctor and/or physiotherapist will recommend the version that’s right for you. While a rolling walker with three or four wheels allows you to move relatively quickly, a slower standard walker might be what you need. 

mobility equipment options

Weighing Your Mobility-Equipment Options

Living with a disability that impairs your mobility affects your lifestyle. But choosing the right mobility equipment can optimize your ability to get around and enjoy daily activities. With so many mobility-equipment options on the market, it’s really just a matter of assessing your needs and finding the right solution for your unique situation. Start […]