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Power-Chair Maintenance: Keeping Your Wires Connected And Your Batteries Charged

A power chair is a wonderful piece of equipment for anyone needing mobility assistance. But like other sophisticated pieces of equipment, a power chair requires ongoing maintenance. This isn’t difficult. In fact, much wheelchair maintenance can be handled at home. Two of the biggest areas of concern are wiring and rechargeable batteries.

wheelchair assessment

Wheelchair Assessment: How Your Doctor Will Evaluate Your Need For A Chair Or Scooter

In today’s world, a lack of mobility doesn’t have to be limiting. With options ranging from walkers to wheelchairs, you can continue to enjoy a relatively active lifestyle whether you’re outdoors or in your home. The key is finding the aid that is best suited for your condition and lifestyle, and a wheelchair assessment can […]

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Why Choose A Mid-Wheel-Drive Power Chair? Precise Maneuverability

Power chairs have a broad appeal, largely because of the convenience they provide. Requiring minimal effort, power chairs offer heightened mobility to users both indoors and out and are widely available in a variety of models, each with distinct features and advantages. A mid-wheel-drive power chair, for example, offers precise maneuverability.