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Accessible Travel: Have Questions About Airport Screening? Contact TSA Cares

As much as you look forward to reaching your destination, having a mobility issue can take some of the pleasure out of traveling. Navigating airports can be a hassle, and going through screening can seem overwhelming. For that reason, the Transportation Security Administration has established a help line, TSA Cares, for travelers with disabilities and medical […]

when accessible travel plans go wrong, Phoenix, Arizona

Getting Satisfaction When Your Best-Laid Accessible Travel Plans Go Wrong

Planning a trip can be a time- and energy-consuming undertaking for anyone. But when mobility is a factor, it can be all the more challenging. And even with the most careful groundwork laid, accessible travel plans can go wrong. Perhaps your wheelchair’s missing when you arrive in New York, or you find that you can’t maneuver […]

wheelchair user's guide/cruise, Phoenix, Arizona

The Wheelchair User’s Guide To Planning And Taking A Cruise

If you happen to use a wheelchair or are a slow walker, don’t hesitate to book the cruise you have in mind. Recent developments have made booking an accessible cruise vacation much easier. The Passenger Vessel Operators Non-Discrimination Rule recently became effective, with regulations to make your trip easier.

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Planning A Trip? Follow These 7 Tips To Stay Healthy While You Travel In A Wheelchair

Traveling is an opportunity to get away from the everyday routine, relax, enjoy new sights and perhaps reconnect with friends or family in a distant locale. Anyone taking a trip must plan for it, but if you’re a wheelchair user, a few additional considerations should be kept in mind.

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Planning A Trip? A Wheelchair User’s Guide To Travel

Traveling in a wheelchair isn’t without challenges, but with a little planning and preparation, you can avoid many of the hassles that would otherwise get in the way of the experience of a lifetime. Our wheelchair user’s guide will help you navigate some common travel scenarios so that you don’t end up inconvenienced or so […]