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preventing falls as you age, Phoenix, Arizona

Preventing Falls as You Age: Equipment and Devices That Make Life Safer and Easier

As we get older, it’s important that we make life safer and easier. A top concern among seniors is preventing accidents. Preventing falls as you age can sometimes be challenging, particularly if seniors aren’t aware of the types of products that are available to assist them. Using assistive devices appropriately can help to prevent harmful […]

co detectors and fire alarms, Phoenix, Arizona

Your CO Detectors and Fire Alarms: Are They Powered Up and in the Right Spots?

Carbon monoxide detectors are an important safety feature in your home. Carbon monoxide is an odorless gas that can kill people in your home without warning, and these detectors are the first line of defense against this risk. Yet for wheelchair users, keeping CO detectors and fire alarms powered up can be a challenge since […]

About our medical mobility equipment compamy in Phoenix AZ

Fire Prevention: 5 Key Strategies For Wheelchair Users

Everyone should be familiar with fire prevention and safety measures. But it’s especially important for wheelchair users, who are often unable to use the evacuation strategy that others use. If you’re a wheelchair user, you should have an emergency evacuation plan to ensure that you can get out of your home or workplace safely and quickly […]

when you're in a wheelchair, Phoenix, Arizona

When You’re In A Wheelchair: 5 Health Issues You Want To Avoid

When you’re in a wheelchair, it’s important to look after your overall health. Getting around can be hard enough. You don’t want to have to contend with any secondary health conditions. Here are five potential risks to your health that you should guard against. 

emergencies when living with a disability, Phoenix, Arizona

Living With A Disability: Are You Prepared For The Unexpected?

Natural events such as tornadoes, hurricanes and earthquakes — as well as fire or the seasonal power outage — are situations that everyone needs to be prepared to handle. Having a flashlight, battery-powered radio and nonperishable food on hand is a given. But if your mobility is limited, you need to be even more prepared […]

spinal cord injury, Phoenix, Arizona

Caring For Someone With A Spinal Cord Injury: A Beginner’s Guide

A spinal cord injury can be an adjustment for the whole family. Almost half of those who suffer a spinal cord injury need some type of assistance. Sometimes it’s minimal. But taking care of someone with this type of injury can also be a big job. If you’re caring for a loved one with a spinal […]

wheelchair accessibility, Phoenix, Arizona

Home Retrofits For Wheelchair Accessibility: Did You Know They’re Tax Deductible?

Whether you’ve had an accident or illness that has changed your mobility, or age is simply taking its toll, managing the cost of making your home accessible is vital. If the retrofits you’re making are based on a medical necessity — for example, to allow wheelchair accessibility — you may be able to write off […]