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mobility scooter batteries, Phoenix, Arizona

Maintaining Your Mobility Scooter Batteries

The freedom and accessibility a mobility scooter provides is completely dependent upon its battery. Properly and regularly maintaining this critical component is essential to ensure not only that the scooter will operate at the speed desired, but also will be able to maintain that desired speed over an extended period of time or distance.

co detectors and fire alarms, Phoenix, Arizona

Your CO Detectors and Fire Alarms: Are They Powered Up and in the Right Spots?

Carbon monoxide detectors are an important safety feature in your home. Carbon monoxide is an odorless gas that can kill people in your home without warning, and these detectors are the first line of defense against this risk. Yet for wheelchair users, keeping CO detectors and fire alarms powered up can be a challenge since […]

power scooter battery care, Phoenix, Arizona

Making Sure Your Power Scooter Battery Works Every Time You Need It

For those who have difficulty getting around, a power scooter can be a real life saver, making it possible to shop at stores, catch the sights at a park or simply take a breather outside. But as with any other piece of machinery, a power scooter needs routine care and maintenance. Although serious work is […]

wheelchair supplier, Phoenix, Arizona

When You’re Choosing A Wheelchair Supplier: What To Look For

Buying a wheelchair can be a confusing and tricky process, especially if you are shopping for your first one. Even though you’ll have a physician’s prescription, which will take into consideration factors such as your age and weight and the way you plan to use your equipment, you will have multiple options.

wheelchair maintenance, Phoenix, Arizona

Wheelchair Maintenance: Don’t Overlook The Cushion

If you’ve used a wheelchair for a while, you know that regular maintenance is essential. You may troubleshoot your chair yourself between service inspections, or you may rely entirely on your service technician. However you ensure that your wheelchair is in top shape, the cushion is sometimes a part that gets overlooked.

maintaining your rolling or standard walker, Phoenix, Arizona

Maintaining Your Rolling Or Standard Walker For Optimal Safety

If you’re in need of a walker, your basic options are rolling and standard. Your doctor and/or physiotherapist will recommend the version that’s right for you. While a rolling walker with three or four wheels allows you to move relatively quickly, a slower standard walker might be what you need.