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mobility assistance from the va, Phoenix, Arizona

You’re A Vet? How To Get Mobility Assistance From The VA

If you’re a veteran who has mobility assistance needs, the Veterans Administration can help. Whether you were injured in a war, or you’re one of the millions of Baby Boomers who are beginning to have a tougher time getting around, the administration offers diagnostic, prescription and financial assistance.

mobility issues related to COPD, Phoenix, Arizona

Mobility Issues Related To COPD: Talk To Your Doctor About Tools For Mobility

COPD doesn’t just affect the ability to breath; it also affects energy levels. When you experience shortness of breath, you also have a lack of energy, which can lead to mobility issues related to COPD. 

wheelchair maintenance, Phoenix, Arizona

Wheelchair Maintenance: Don’t Overlook The Cushion

If you’ve used a wheelchair for a while, you know that regular maintenance is essential. You may troubleshoot your chair yourself between service inspections, or you may rely entirely on your service technician. However you ensure that your wheelchair is in top shape, the cushion is sometimes a part that gets overlooked.

maintaining your rolling or standard walker, Phoenix, Arizona

Maintaining Your Rolling Or Standard Walker For Optimal Safety

If you’re in need of a walker, your basic options are rolling and standard. Your doctor and/or physiotherapist will recommend the version that’s right for you. While a rolling walker with three or four wheels allows you to move relatively quickly, a slower standard walker might be what you need.