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power scooter accessories, Phoenix, Arizona

Power Scooter Accessories: Must-Haves And Should-Haves

If you use a power scooter, you might already know that accessories can make all the difference. That’s because the right accessory can greatly improve the convenience of using a scooter. You can customize your scooter to meet your unique needs and eliminate many of the hassles associated with doing day-to-day business while you’re using […]

power chair, Power Mobility

Deciding On A Power Chair: Standard Or Portable?

Considering a power chair? You’re not alone. Power chairs have become an extremely popular way for many people to improve their mobility — both inside and outside their homes. These chairs offer features and functionality to match every lifestyle and budget. The biggest challenge of making a power chair purchase may just be which one […]

wheelchair, Arizona

Selecting The Right Wheelchair When You Have A Spinal-Cord Injury

Selecting the right wheelchair when you have a spinal-cord injury is important. Your wheelchair will serve as your primary means of transport, and your day-to-day comfort will depend on it. Unfortunately, the process of choosing a wheelchair can be overwhelming. There are so many options on the market today. How do you pick the best […]

mobility equipment options

Weighing Your Mobility-Equipment Options

Living with a disability that impairs your mobility affects your lifestyle. But choosing the right mobility equipment can optimize your ability to get around and enjoy daily activities. With so many mobility-equipment options on the market, it’s really just a matter of assessing your needs and finding the right solution for your unique situation. Start […]

power wheelchair maintenance

Power-Chair Maintenance: Keeping Your Wires Connected And Your Batteries Charged

A power chair is a wonderful piece of equipment for anyone needing mobility assistance. But like other sophisticated pieces of equipment, a power chair requires ongoing maintenance. This isn’t difficult. In fact, much wheelchair maintenance can be handled at home. Two of the biggest areas of concern are wiring and rechargeable batteries.