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mobility assistance from the va, Phoenix, Arizona

You’re A Vet? How To Get Mobility Assistance From The VA

If you’re a veteran who has mobility assistance needs, the Veterans Administration can help. Whether you were injured in a war, or you’re one of the millions of Baby Boomers who are beginning to have a tougher time getting around, the administration offers diagnostic, prescription and financial assistance.

wheelchair supplier, Phoenix, Arizona

When You’re Choosing A Wheelchair Supplier: What To Look For

Buying a wheelchair can be a confusing and tricky process, especially if you are shopping for your first one. Even though you’ll have a physician’s prescription, which will take into consideration factors such as your age and weight and the way you plan to use your equipment, you will have multiple options.

choosing a power chair, Power Mobility

Choosing The Right Power Chair: 6 Questions You Need To Answer

Power wheelchairs have come a long way since their introduction in the 1950s, when Canadian engineer George Klein designed a unit for quadriplegic World War II veterans. That was basically a manual wheelchair with a bulky battery on the back. Today, the wheelchair user has a range of choices, from folding portable to heavy duty.

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Selecting The Right Wheelchair When You Have A Spinal-Cord Injury

Selecting the right wheelchair when you have a spinal-cord injury is important. Your wheelchair will serve as your primary means of transport, and your day-to-day comfort will depend on it. Unfortunately, the process of choosing a wheelchair can be overwhelming. There are so many options on the market today. How do you pick the best […]

wheelchair assessment

Wheelchair Assessment: How Your Doctor Will Evaluate Your Need For A Chair Or Scooter

In today’s world, a lack of mobility doesn’t have to be limiting. With options ranging from walkers to wheelchairs, you can continue to enjoy a relatively active lifestyle whether you’re outdoors or in your home. The key is finding the aid that is best suited for your condition and lifestyle, and a wheelchair assessment can […]