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seeing Europe by wheelchair, Phoenix, Arizona

Seeing Europe By Wheelchair: Helpful Resources For Planning Your Trip

So you want to see Europe, but you’re wondering how hard that will be in a wheelchair. Well, like other tourists, you’ll need some flexibility, humor and willingness to deal with frustrations. But you may be surprised at how easy it is. By planning your trip, you can help to ensure that your travels go […]

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Fire Prevention: 5 Key Strategies For Wheelchair Users

Everyone should be familiar with fire prevention and safety measures. But it’s especially important for wheelchair users, who are often unable to use the evacuation strategy that others use. If you’re a wheelchair user, you should have an emergency evacuation plan to ensure that you can get out of your home or workplace safely and quickly […]

when accessible travel plans go wrong, Phoenix, Arizona

Getting Satisfaction When Your Best-Laid Accessible Travel Plans Go Wrong

Planning a trip can be a time- and energy-consuming undertaking for anyone. But when mobility is a factor, it can be all the more challenging. And even with the most careful groundwork laid, accessible travel plans can go wrong. Perhaps your wheelchair’s missing when you arrive in New York, or you find that you can’t maneuver […]

emergencies when living with a disability, Phoenix, Arizona

Living With A Disability: Are You Prepared For The Unexpected?

Natural events such as tornadoes, hurricanes and earthquakes — as well as fire or the seasonal power outage — are situations that everyone needs to be prepared to handle. Having a flashlight, battery-powered radio and nonperishable food on hand is a given. But if your mobility is limited, you need to be even more prepared […]

spinal cord injury, Phoenix, Arizona

Caring For Someone With A Spinal Cord Injury: A Beginner’s Guide

A spinal cord injury can be an adjustment for the whole family. Almost half of those who suffer a spinal cord injury need some type of assistance. Sometimes it’s minimal. But taking care of someone with this type of injury can also be a big job. If you’re caring for a loved one with a spinal […]

wheelchair maintenance, Phoenix, Arizona

Wheelchair Maintenance: Don’t Overlook The Cushion

If you’ve used a wheelchair for a while, you know that regular maintenance is essential. You may troubleshoot your chair yourself between service inspections, or you may rely entirely on your service technician. However you ensure that your wheelchair is in top shape, the cushion is sometimes a part that gets overlooked.

safety tips for wheelchair users

Summertime Safety Tips For Wheelchair Users And Caregivers

Summer is the time when practically everyone relishes getting out and about and enjoying the sunshine. Wheelchair users and their caregivers are no exception. But if you use a wheelchair, you have special needs to keep in mind. Familiarizing yourself with these summertime safety tips will go a long way toward keeping you and your […]