Available Mobility Scooters For Sale in Phoenix, AZ

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Here at Power Mobility & Lifts, we pride ourselves on providing customers in the Phoenix, Arizona area with the best quality mobility solutions at affordable rates. You deserve variety and a knowledgeable staff to help you select the right mobility scooter for your needs. We provide you with a wide-selection of scooter types and manufacturers–chief among those are Pride Mobility, Merits Health Products and Golden Technologies.

Below we will compare three popular travel scooter models from each of those companies:  The Roadster Deluxe, the Go-Go Traveler Elite and the Buzzaround LT…


Compact Mini 3-Wheeled Scooter For Sale near Phoenix, AZ

Merits Roadster Deluxe Scooter

Looking for a high-quality compact scooter that can be disassembled in minutes? Merits Health, Roadster Deluxe could be your best option. The heaviest component of this durable scooter is the motor (25 lbs.). With just a touch of a switch conveniently located towards the top of the tiller versus the bottom where competitor models typically place the adjuster lever.

The control tiller can be adjusted up or down to meet the size of the user. The battery pack simply slips into the battery slot without wires. After customer suggestions, Merits decided to include a battery charger port on the tiller pole because it doesn’t require them to bend over to plug the outlet cord into the battery pack.

The controls are bright and ergonomic. No confusing buttons. A bright LED light is affixed to the tiller pole, allowing the user to see what’s ahead on sidewalk paths. The padded armrests move up and down, and left to right for width adjustment.


Golden Buzzaround LT Scooter

This is the lightest, smallest and most portable Buzzaround scooter Golden Technologies offers in their stable.

This scooter will meet the needs of almost anyone.

With a weight capacity of 300 lbs. increased leg room, charger port on the tiller and a forgiving padded seat for those who will be doing frequent sitting–it’s hard to beat the Buzzaround LT.

This scooter can be broken down and stored in a trunk space in minutes, as displayed by this senior citizen who is making quick work of the scooter even after surgery.

Available Go-Go Elite Traveler Scooters For Sale in Phoenix

Go-Go Elite Traveler Scooter

The Go-Go Elite Traveler is designed for long-lasting usage and portability from pavement to trunk-space. The intuitive design allows for easy operation with no tricks. No confusing buttons or wires.

As far as outdoor usage goes, this is a reliable option if you’re simply staying on pavement, sidewalks and the like. The tires are small, which is common for most compact scooter but this won’t be an all-terrain option.

Just like the other two scooters in this comparison, this scooter is easily torn down due to a feather-touch disassembly model. You won’t be bent over and on your knees straining your knuckles trying to loosen up a knob. The lightweight frame allows senior citizens to safely pick up the scooter.

All 3 of these models are top sellers in our local Phoenix mobility scooter store. Stop by anytime and let one of our trained mobility aid experts help you find the perfect travel scooter.