Selecting The Right Vehicle Lift

When it comes to the world of mobility equipment you’ll notice there isn’t a shortage of options. Industry leading manufacturers like Pride, Merits, Golden Technologies and many others offer a wide variety of mobility scooter and powerchair options. Standard mobility scooters with both 3 and 4 wheel options, bariatric scooters, powerchairs all in different shapes, colors and sizes are available but how are you going to haul your mobility equipment once you’ve purchased it? Power & Mobility has you covered with vehicle lift options tailored to your needs.

Bruno Curb-Sider Lift For Sale In Phoenix, Arizona

Example of a mounted vehicle lift with hoist arm.

Interior Vehicle Lifts

The standard Interior Scooter Vehicle Lift (pictured above) is typically mounted into the trunk space of a vehicle. This type of vehicle lift requires installation into the floor pan of your vehicle to ensure stability when loading mobility scooters and powerchairs, most of which typically weight 300 plus pounds. Trunk mounted hoist lifts are popularly installed into SUVs, crossovers and minivans.

Bruno Joey Scooter Lift For Sale In Phoenix, AZ

Example of a Joey platform lift.

Trunk mounted vehicle lifts have a hoist arm that articulates 360 degrees outside of the trunk space of the vehicle. The hoist arm will have a strap that you clip to your mobility equipment and the touch of a button will lift the scooter up. From this position the user will push the scooter inside the trunk where the hoist will be lowered to set the scooter on the floorboard of your trunk.

Pictured above is another version of the interior lift–Hydraulic Platform Interior Lift (pictured above). Like a standard trunk lift, this lift will be bolted to the trunk floor but instead of a hoist arm and strap, users will drive their scooter or powerchair onto a steel, non-slip platform with a hydraulic lift. The user will push a button on a remote control and the loading platform will retract back into the trunk space so that the lid door can be securely shut.

Bruno Out-Rider Truck Bed Lift For Sale In Phoenix, AZ

Example of a truck mounted exterior scooter lift.

Exterior Vehicle Lifts

A commonly used exterior lift model is the Truck Bed Mounted Vehicle Lift (pictured above). Pickup trucks have limited interior space so lifts are installed behind the driver side window in the bed of a truck. Users pull up beside the truck bed and the hoist arm can be positioned above the mobility scooter and an hoist strap will be lowered and connected to mobility device. Remote control operation will elevate the the device and steadily lower it into the bed of most pickup trucks.

Bruno Chariot Exterior Lift For Sale Near Phoenix, AZ

Example of a hitch-mounted scooter lift.

Hitch Mounted Vehicle Lifts (pictured above) can be installed on most vehicles equipped with trailer hitch packages. This is one of the most flexible vehicle lift options because it allows sedan owners to transport their mobility device outside of their vehicle due to limited trunk interior space. Once the platform is lowered, users will pull their scooter onto the platform and get off the device. With a simple push of a button, the platform will lift after the device has been secured and you’re ready to drive.

One concern users have with this lift option is the exposure to inclimate weather. Protective plastic tarps can be secured around the scooter or powerchair to keep it dry from rain or snow.

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Example of scooter lift for sedans.

Towable Platform Vehicle Lifts (pictured above) are attached to the trailer hitch but are attached to a trailer frame with two tires.The trailer option limits stress on the frame of your sedan and allows you to easily uninstall the vehicle lift platform from the car and be attached to any vehicle with a hitch mount. When turning, the trailer turns seamlessly and doesn’t jackknife. These lift types sit higher off the ground and can be an obstruction when looking out the rear-view mirror of your sedan.

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