Escape Scooter

Shoprider Escape Mobility Scooter For Sale in Phoenix, Arizona. The Escape scooter is a 4-wheel, lightweight unit that features adjustable swivel chair seating and easy, three-piece disassembly for easy storage.

Mobility Equipment Description

Shoprider Escape Mobility Scooter For Sale

The Escape scooter has a 250 lb. weight capacity and features a quick-disconnect system for effortless disassembly. The Escape disassembles into three parts, the heaviest weighing just 33 lb. The Escape steers with ease with help from the adjustable tiller. Solid tires offer a comfortable, smooth ride. The swivel seating system allows users to safely enter and exit the seating area from any angle. The split battery pack design is ideal for those who need to charge on the go.

Shoprider Escape Scooter Features:

  • 250lb Weight Capacity
  • Heaviest Part Weighs 33lb
  • Dismantles into Three Parts
  • Swivel Seating
  • Curved Tiller

Power Mobility & Lifts local Phoenix area scooter store is a Shoprider authorized dealer and repair center. We provide sales, repairs, and part support for the Shoprider Escape and all Shoprider mobility equipment throughout Maricopa County and Arizona’s entire Valley of the Sun region.

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