3 Wheel Luxury Companion Scooter

Companion GC240 Full Size 3-Wheel Scooter For Sale in Phoenix, AZ. Companion GC240 Luxury Scooters provides a wide-range of features including LED headlight and LiquiCell comfort-equipped seating.

Mobility Equipment Description

Companion 3-Wheeled Full Size Scooter For Sale

Companion Full Size Luxury Scooter for Sale in Phoenix, AZ. The Companion is a 3-wheel mobility scooter is a full size or standard sized scooter that combines a luxury style and high-performance with a user-friendly disassembly. The Golden Companion Scooter features: infinite adjustable tiller, silent motor, EZ Reach tiller adjustment, angle adjustable LED headlight.

The Companion GC240 provides comfort with the LiquiCell seat that contains six liquid filled pads for comfort. Operators are able to travel in the evening, at night, or in dimly lit environments as a result of this model’s adjustable LED headlight.

Golden Companion Luxury Scooter Features:

  • Under carpet troubleshooting guide
  • Delta tiller with auto lock mechanism
  • EZ Reach tiller adjustment lever
  • LiquiCell Comfort Equipped seat
  • Seat slide adjustment lever
  • Adjustable LED headlight

Golden Companion Luxury Scooter Specifications:

  • Model: GC240
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Maximum Speed:  4.5 mph
  • Operating Range:  15.5 miles
  • Colors: Red, Blue
  • Turning Radius: 39″
  • Type Batteries: 2-U1
  • Ground Clearance:  3.75″

The Golden Companion Full Size Luxury Scooter line also offers a 4-Wheel Full Size model available for purchase.

Power Mobility & Lifts is an authorized dealer of Golden Technologies products in Maricopa County, AZ.. We offer service repairs and battery replacement for the Golden Companion GC240 Scooter.