Merits Pilot Indoor Stairlift

Merits Pilot Indoor Stairlift for sale in the Phoenix, AZ. Contact us today for a custom quote on installing this stair lift.

Mobility Equipment Description

Merits Pilot Indoor Stairlift For Sale in Phoenix, AZ

Purchase a Pilot Indoor Stairlift in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area from Power Mobility & Lifts. The Pilot indoor Stair Lift offers users a quiet and smooth ride. This compact designed stair lift has a seat that folds to just 13′ from the wall. For a custom quote on installing this new model Stair Lift contact us today!

Merits Pilot Stair Lift Features:

  • 3 seat upholstery options
  • Smooth, quiet, operation with soft start/stop technology
  • Fully re-handable, converts from RH to LH in minutes
  • Adjustable armrest width and seat height
  • Compact design – Folds to 13″ from wall and less than 8″ track intrusion
  • Innovative support makes installation easy, even on irregular stair treads

Merits Pilot Stair Lift Specifications:

  • Stair Lift Weight Capacity: 350pounds / 158kg
  • Motor: 1/2Horse Power, 24VDC
  • Lift Speed: 18~25 feet per minute (5.4~7.8m/minimun)
  • Stair Lift Incline limits: 25°~55°
  • Travel: 15′ 9″ STD/ 31′ 6″ Maximum
  • Drive method: Rack & pinion
  • Stairlift Charger: 100~240VAC, 50~60HZ
  • Battery: 24VDC Rechargeable batteries
  • Brake: Electro/mechanical brake and Overspeed Governor
  • Internal arm rest width: 16″ – 20″
  • Seat to footplate height: 17″ – 20″
  • Diagnostic Display: Informs user of lift status
  • Remote Controls: Comes w/ 2 Reprogrammable remotes
  • Compliance Standards: ASME A18.1/A17.5 & EN81-40
  • Safety Sensors: 5 Built-in Safety Sensors, Standard
  • Safety Devices Include: Overtravel Prevention, Motor Brake, Key Switch, Retractable Seat Belt, Sturdy Armrest and Swivel Seat Safety Switches
  • Manufacture’s Limited Warranty: 5-Years for the Motor/Gear Box and 2 Years on Components