Outlander XL

Outlander XL Vehicle Lift For Sale in Phoenix, Arizona. The Outlander XL Exterior Lift makes loading and unloading your scooter fast and simple.

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Mobility Equipment Description

Outlander XL Exterior Lift For Sale

The Outlander XL Exterior Lift is a scooter lift used to lift all Pride Scooters except for the Pursuit and Go-Go models. The Outlander XL allows mobility scooter operators to load their scooter on from either end of the lift platform. The Outlander XL vehicle lift can be easily installed to the hitch of your vehicle with minimal modification. The platform is controlled by a toggle switch and 12V DC motor to ensure quick loading of your scooter. The Outlander XL Lift can be used with full-size van, minivan, truck, sedan, SUV or Crossover vehicle.

  • 350 lbs. lifting capacity
  • Integrated scooter lockdown arm
  • LED puddle light for ease of use at night
  • Toggle switch for ease of up and down use
  • Integrated license plate bracket
  • Phosphate undercoating for weather resistance
  • Optional swing away adapter

Power Mobility & Lifts is an authorized dealer of Pride Mobility Products Corp in Maricopa County, AZ.. We offer service repairs and battery replacement for the Pride Outlander XL Exterior Lift.

Pride Outlander XL Exterior Lift Platform Specifications

Lift Platform Model: Outlander XL Exterior Lift
Maximum Weight Capacity:  350 lbs.
Maximum Mobility Product Width: 27″
Overall Platform Length:  56.75”, 49” usable
Maximum Travel Distance From the Ground: 21″
Motor: 12 volt DC
Hitch Class:  III & IV
Options: Swing-away mount