preventing falls as you age, Phoenix, ArizonaAs we get older, it’s important that we make life safer and easier. A top concern among seniors is preventing accidents. Preventing falls as you age can sometimes be challenging, particularly if seniors aren’t aware of the types of products that are available to assist them. Using assistive devices appropriately can help to prevent harmful falls. 

There are many different types of assistive devices:

  • Canes and walkers: Both canes and  walkers can help keep you stable as you walk. These two assistive devices provide users with extra stability, and help them keep their balance, reducing the chances of falling.
  • Safety bed rails: Falls can also occur while sleeping or resting in bed. Safety bed rails are a good addition to any size bed and are designed to keep people from falling or rolling out of bed.
  • Reachers: Reachers are tools that can be used to keep seniors from bending over or standing on stools to grab items.
  • Portable grab bars: Portable grab bars can travel with you wherever you go. These can attach to walls or other structures, giving the individual a handle to grab onto to prevent falling.
  • Portable or cellular phones: Because portable phones can move from room to room with you, they can help prevent potential accidents and provide peace of mind with easy-to-reach access in case of an emergency.

Falls can become serious problems, potentially causing injury, restricted mobility and the loss of independence. Fall prevention products are useful all around the house, especially in the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.

Maintaining health and strength by following all of your doctor’s orders, as well as eating properly, taking medications and exercising are also key factors in preventing falls as you age.

For help determining what fall prevention products might work best for you, contact the experts at Power Mobility & Lifts. We proudly serve the greater Phoenix area.